Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know to start your first virtual
showroom or interactive 3D spaces.

Virtual spaces by Vrmarts are innovative online communication and sales tools for real-estate developers, sales representatives, and furniture dealers.
3D spaces are not limited to any specific location, appointments, viewing times, or opening hours. For this reason, they are the perfect tool for remote product presentation or online viewing of properties before construction or if your clients are too busy or too far to reach.
While interactive 3D space introduces the layout of future space for real-estate marketing presentation purposes, a virtual showroom is a modern sales tool that focuses on a detailed view of a particular product and its material and configurations.

3D spaces and virtual showrooms are revolutionary interactive walkthroughs offering many integrations. Your clients can virtually visit their future properties before construction starts. They can explore all materials, design, and finishes from every angle and walk from room to room without any limitations.

Your online visitors can access your virtual showroom from anywhere at any time. They can closely examine all details of a product, switch materials, finishes, and add-ons, and explore the entire collection. Without the need to contact a sales team, clients can view desired product configurations, download all documents, or preview a product in their own space using augmented reality.

You only need preliminary 2D / 3D architectural drawings with general material/ furniture selection and design proposals from your architect.
All 3D spaces and virtual showrooms by Vrmarts are hosted online. Your customers don’t have to download any additional software or applications.
Yes. All digital spaces by Vrmarts are web-based. This allows your client to access an interactive walkthrough from anywhere at any time.
3D spaces by Vrmarts are so lightweight it’s convenient to use them even on the phone. Your clients can view them online using any browser on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.
All interactive 3D spaces and virtual showrooms are functional in VR mode. Use your favorite headset to explore these digital spaces and try the interactions in the real-life scale of virtual reality.
You can share your new interactive 3D space or virtual showroom via a hyperlink, embed it on your official website to make it completely public, or share and advertise on social networks.
All built-in interactions are personalized according to your needs. You can also add company branding, logos, and taglines, and synchronize the visual design of a presentation with your webpage.